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Article: Rönner Christmas gift-boxes

Rönner Christmas gift-boxes

Rönner Christmas gift-boxes

Make gifting a magical equestrian experience 

The festive season is just around the corner, and although this Christmas might not feel like most, we have put together some charming gift-boxes to spread some Christmas joy and to feel connected to those you love. We have created a variety of unique gift-boxes of selected equestrian pieces every horse lover will love. Find the perfect Christmas gift- box which will make gifting so much more special this year. Share the joy this season, with our yearling gift-box which may be the special little something for your trainer, or an equestrian friend. 

As we embrace the festive season, why not prepare ahead of Christmas with our equestrian stationary set to send out a few little lines to your nearest and dearest and show them your appreciation. 

 There is nothing more magical than waking up on Christmas morning in matching pyjamas with your little equestrian girl’s dress, so delight your eyes with our Mother and Daughter Gift-Box. When it comes to prepping your Christmas meal for the family, why not slip on your Equestrian Printed cotton apron and cosy slippers from our Equestrian Hostess gift-box. Wintery days can feel like a gloomy time but throw some luxurious knits in the mix and you’re sure to have a smile or two around the fire at home. The Stay at home gift-box is sure to tick all the boxes with timeless yet charming pieces. If you are feeling like the weekdays and weekends are blending into one, then indulge in our gorgeous stay-at-home gift box which will make those weekends feel extra special as you lounge in our cotton blend pjs and Ronner scrunchie. Each box contains our gorgeous Unique equestrian set of face-masks.

If you’re dreaming of horses and have someone unique in mind, we have just the gift-box for you. Share our unique prints as the ideal gift for your horse friends, and they can use our unique reusable pouch to share sugar cubes and love with their furry friends on Christmas day! Become a #Ronnergirl and part of the Ronner family. 

 Let's make this Christmas season extra special and lovable!


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