Happy New Year! Let's remain positive and happy

Happy New Year! Let's stay positive and happy

 As we reminisce about 2020, a year that certainly brought many learnings and made us experience life in a very different way, we begin 2021 full of hope and positivity.

However, the new year hasn't been as exciting and promising as most of us were hoping. Many of us are under strict lockdown again, with the now familiar fear and anxiety of what this year may have in store for us.

 As the weeks go by, the news gets crazier and most of us are back to our "quaranteams" and “bubbles”, but one thing remains the same: The reminder that we have to live in the present and at least try to be grateful for the things we have. 

As a family and team we start 2021, full of energy, hope and excitement because this period in history will definitely pass as one that created change and a shift in perspective.

Our hope for 2021 is that it brings you fresh energy and renewed optimism to help you fearlessly follow your dreams and adventures.

We hope our prints and designs spark some joy and make you dream of equestrian adventures.

 We have created a few downloadable creations to help you put this year in motion in a happy and motivated way. Print them out, share them with friends and remind yourself of the tiny things that make you smile every day.

Daily Planner 

Weekly Planner 

New Year Resolution List 

Let's do this 2021!

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