Our Favorite and Must-Have pieces for 2021 so far

As this year evolves and we all have to adjust our mindsets to more lockdown and more cosy time at home, we have created a selection of our absolute essential pieces to keep us cosy and inspired at home.
We hope with our prints and designs you can escape to exotic equestrian adventures, dream about your next getaway or make workout at home resonate with what you love the most: horses.


Yes, we know we are all day-dreaming about those party shoes but for now let's stay realistic and get ourselves the prettiest and comfiest slippers we can!
May these make you smile everytime you look down.


The goal is to shower daily during these lockdown days, but who hasn't spent the whole day in pj's? Yes to pretty Pyjamas and even better if they have horses! 
Sweet dreams and dreamy horses ! is out new good night


Because some days it's good to wear something nice and cosy to relax or zoom. These colorful and warm pieces will do the trick of keeping you snug while looking stylish and feeling good about yourself.

Quarter Zips:

We all need to burn those holiday calories! What better way to add some equestrian style workout outfits to your routines! Even better if you have to go riding later.
Trust us, these are keepers for in and out, riding to yoga or sporty looks.

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