Percy and Eloise - A love story

Percy and Eloise
Why are these images so symbolic to Eloise
It is almost a year since Percy joined our family. He was purchased in October 2019. A quiet and pretty 5yr old Warm blood X with no schooling but plenty of exposure to farm work, hunting and long days under saddle over steep hill country.

When looking for an addition to our little herd, temperament and a calm disposition was top of the list. Our set up at home is not so structured - the horses’ grazing is at the end of the garden and the stables are within a huge old half round barn.

The moment we met Percy we knew he was the perfect family member. Quietly standing - with an unflappable nature and a no nonsense approach to his tasks. He settled in brilliantly at home and under saddle creating memories by the day, yet we couldn’t help noticing a dramatic stiffness in his hind end.

It transpired that despite passing the vet check he had major issues with his hocks and his sacroiliac. Normal riding had to stop and a series of rays and close physiotherapy plus veterinary care followed. The weeks and months rolled on and at times it felt like he would never become a normal horse.

Almost a year later and the treatment and rehabilitation of his hind has progressed well. He spent the last seven weeks away from home with a professional rider who has made an excellent start to his schooling and strengthening program.

Spring time has arrived and Percy is finally home feeling stronger than ever. He’s such a big puppy dog - he loves to stand and cuddle but his main agenda is always to lick your clothes!.

These pictures with Percy I will always treasure. The romance between a girl at home and the horse that holds her hopes and dreams in his dark eyes. I feel relaxed and beautiful wearing my Ronner sleepwear with him, a celebration of his homecoming and the print symbolic of how we live - fruitful gardens and horses dancing freely day and night

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