Equestrian Stationary - the perfect equestrian gift

There is something truly special about writing and receiving personal and charming cards from friends and loved ones. At Rönner we have always been keen on writing thank you notes, whether it is after a lovely weekend stayover, a charming dinner party, sumptuous brunch, lunch or just as a token of appreciation for anyone whose generosity and kindness should be appreciated and thanked. 

 There are so many occasions where hand-written notes give that extra special and personal touch, particularly in a world where almost all communication is done digitally. 

As passionate horse lovers, we thought equestrian inspired cards would be an uplifting and cheerful addition for our horse loving community. Whenever you want to send a note to a friend, your trainer, a teacher or anyone to whom you want to show your appreciation, these cards are the perfect option and will reflect part of your identity. They are also a distinctive and exclusive gift option for the equestrian and horse lovers that you know.

The stationary set includes an assortment of fourteen cards and envelopes. The cards are designed with seven different motifs that include Thank You Cards, Blank Cards and Birthday Cards. These can be perfectly paired with any of the four designs that are included with the fourteen envelopes.

 We hope you find these to be the perfect addition to your equestrian uniqueness.


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