New Collection - Equestrian Botanical

 Our Equestrian Botanical Collection is a tribute to nature and horses. A story of how horses are nurturing to the soul and heart. A reminder of what truly matters in life: the art of being present and connected.

Each print is designed and inspired by the calmness of nature and horses and the gift and wellbeing they bring to us.

This past year of pandemic, gave us the opportunity to reevaluate and revise our priorities. For a lot of us it gave us a moment to stop and appreciate what really matters and what truly feels important to us...

For our Rönner family, it was realizing how meaningful and important it is being in the present, being around nature and enjoying the simple things: a walk in the fresh air, a moment of silence or the closeness and meaning of being around horses.

We devote this collection to the gift of nature, well-being and happiness it brings to us in the most simple and humble way.

Each print is designed and inspired by the beauty and calmness of plants, flowers and the realm of horses. In a mild color palette, we stay true to our iconic Rönner blooms blended with equestrian patterns making each print unique and timeless.


A Collection of whimsical prints and silhouettes. Perfect from season to season, barn to lunches or special equestrian events. Find a selection of one-of-a- kind timeless pieces, designed to delight your passion and love for everything equestrian unique.

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