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Article: The Meredith Collection: An Inspiring Career and Equestrian Fashion

The Meredith Collection: An Inspiring Career and Equestrian Fashion

The Meredith Collection: An Inspiring Career and Equestrian Fashion

Few things in this world bring us as much joy as having a creative project come to life. 

We got to experience this at our recent trunk show where we celebrated the launch of our new line of equestrian fashion along with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum: The Meredith Collection.

We’re really proud to share with you pictures from the event and tell you more about the inspiration behind the collection.

The Meredith-Rönner Equestrian Fashion Collaboration

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum is an athlete that we have admired for a long time. 

An Olympic medalist and without a doubt one of the best riders in the world, Meredith is the first woman to ever earn a spot in the German team at the European Championships and the first woman to be ranked number one worldwide in show jumping. 

Equestrian fashion, equestrian look

With true elegance and grace, she has dominated the sport and it was our honor to reach out to her.

When we sent her a first set of samples featuring the unique equestrian look of the Rönner brand, we were ecstatic to learn that she had loved them! 

But what came next was something we didn’t expect. 

We suggested a capsule collection that we could do in collaboration with her, inspired by her career and her great athleticism…and she said Yes!

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The Meredith Collection Fashion Trunk Show

Equestrian fashion, equestrian look

In the world of fashion, a trunk show is when designers give an exclusive preview of a collection before it goes on sale.

Equestrian fashion, equestrian look

We were privileged to have our recent trunk show hosted at Martha Jolicoeur’s beautiful home in Wellington, Florida. 

A VIP list of guests got a first look at the pieces and got to try them on too while enjoying champagne, hors d’oeuvres and other special treats.

Meredith and Carin Stellabatti, the creative director of Rönner, personally showcased the collection to the guests.

Equestrian fashion, equestrian look

"This collaboration was the perfect fusion between a very inspiring career and life, like Meredith's, with Rönner, a company founded by women, for women who love horses and equestrian style." ⁠— Carin Stellabatti

Equestrian fashion, equestrian look

The Meredith Collection Is Now Available

The Meredith Collection’s featherlight fabrics have been chosen for optimal performance on the saddle and the one-of-a-kind designs show our passion for the sport. Get inspired with what The Meredith Collection has to offer today! 

Equestrian fashion, equestrian look


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