The start of a new month for us equestrians means new opportunities, new goals, new challenges, new shows and new expenses!

Organization is the key for success, and its proven by Lucy Courchaine a self-proclaimed “Boss mare, new mom and collector of small fancy horses”. Lucy suggested a fantastic idea of doing a Monthly planner inspired by her organizational skills with our iconic prints and equestrian motifs.

The planners are designed for simple horse lovers or modern, professionals and amateur equestrians and riders. A planner that includes a Monthly reflection page with training notes for each week (for yourself or your horse), moments to remember, a place to put your favorite highlights of the month and a paragraph for things to improve for the near future (want to know the secret to success? It’s to visualize and to improve).

We also created a page for Billing notes, a successful Boss mare is definitely someone who organizes finances and creates a budget for new ponies (or more Rönner clothes), it includes invoices for clients, extra charges (for your weekly tack store visit) and a spot for outside work expenses.

If you are someone who owns horses or simply just love them and love to be organized download our Collab monthly planner down bellow and archive all your goals with Rönner and Lucy.

Monthly Reflection 

Billing notes This Month

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