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Article: Carin's Summer Essentials

Carin's Summer Essentials

Carin's Summer Essentials

As the summer unfolds, I find myself reflecting on the pieces that not only define our brand’s unique equestrian style but also cater to the practical needs of our vibrant lifestyle. I’m excited to share with you my personal packing list and a few summer essentials that I can’t live without!

1 - The Perfect Summer Dress

Our Morsetti Maxi Linen Dress is a must-have in my summer suitcase. It's light, airy, and adorned with subtle equestrian motifs that make it uniquely Rönner. I love how versatile it is, making it perfect for lunches during the day but also so chic for the evening.

2 - Whisper Equestrian PJs

To end each warm summer day, I absolutely adore slipping into our Whisper Equestrian PJs. Super light and comfortable, they are perfect for any temperature, making every night feel fresh and pretty. Truly, the ideal way to unwind in style.

3 - Canvas Pouches for Easy Organization

Traveling is all about staying organized. Our durable Canvas Pouches are a lifesaver for segmenting different products in my bag. I normally use two—one for snacks and little toys, and another for sunscreens and accessories. They’re not just handy; they’re a chic way to keep everything in place.

4 - Mimosa Slippers for Easy Travel

Our Mimosa Slippers are my go-to footwear for travel. They’re perfect for quickly navigating security at airports and are stylish enough to elevate any casual outfit. Easy to slip on and off, they ensure both comfort and elegance wherever you go.

5 - Rönner Stationery for a Personal Touch

I find it very special to have a set of Ronner stationery on hand. Sending thank-you cards by post to everyone we visit or are invited to during the summer adds a thoughtful and personal touch to our connections.

6 -Summer Skincare

La Roche-Posay sunscreen is a must-have; its light, tinted formula gives me that perfect summer glow while protecting my skin.

7 - Summer Reading:

As an avid reader, I'm always excited about the next book on my list. This summer, I can't wait to start "The Covenant of Water," a fascinating historical novel set in India.


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