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At Rönner, we take inspiration from the beauty and grace of the equestrian world to create unique and innovative pieces and gifts that elevate your equestrian style and complement your lifestyle around horses. Rönner has been a pioneer, introducing colorful and floral prints into everyday riding gear. Making riding outfits more colorful, unique, and captivating. Each collection has a vision, which translates to our custom-made patterns and prints. Our pieces are perfect for every occasion, from work to riding to social events and more. We pride ourselves on creating a perfect wardrobe that includes the pieces you've been dreaming about and need to complement your lifestyle.

But we don't just stop at creating beautiful clothing and gifts. We are also committed to creating a better world. We work with mostly single mothers who are heads of their households, creating safe and loving work environments and making sure that all of our clothing and gifts are made under socially responsible conditions. Our priority as a brand is to work with eco-friendly products and give back to our planet. Most of our fabrics are upcycled textiles made out of plastic bottles picked from the oceans in Colombia. We use clean printing processes, reusable packaging, and ensure an honorable and fair work environment for everyone who works with and for us.

At Rönner, we believe that even the smallest acts can make a difference, and we prioritize making a positive impact with every piece we create.


With our Affiliate Program, you have the opportunity to earn commissions by sharing your love for horses and promoting our products with your fashion-enthusiasts and horse-loving audience. As an affiliate, you will be able to share your unique referral code with your followers, subscribers, or website visitors, and earn a commission on every sale that is made using your code.



Commission: Affiliates will receive a commission of 10% on all sales generated through their unique affiliate code.

Promotional methods: Affiliates are encouraged to promote Rönner through their website, blog, social media channels, or email lists. Any other promotional methods must be approved by the Rönner team in advance.

Prohibited content: Affiliates are not allowed to use any promotional materials that contain offensive or illegal content. This includes, but is not limited to, content that is discriminatory, pornographic, or infringes on intellectual property rights.

Payment: Affiliates will be paid monthly for all eligible commissions earned during the previous month. Payments will be made through PayPal as Shopify Collabs as the intermediary.

Termination: Rönner reserves the right to terminate an affiliate's participation in the program at any time for any reason. Affiliates may also terminate their participation in the program by notifying Rönner in writing.

Agreement: By participating in the Rönner Affiliate Program, affiliates agree to these terms and conditions in full. Rönner reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions at any time, with notice given to affiliates.