Each of our creative processes is a colorful and fun adventure. Most of the time we start working on prints, where we work with a local artist drawing beautiful horse inspired motifs.

For Aurora, our main inspiration was the tropical scenery of our beautiful home country Colombia. We added birds to our art pieces, creating a mix of classic equestrian elements with exotic and colorful birds.

We then imagine our #Ronnergirl for the season, “a muse” who embodies our philosophy and lifestyle. For Aurora, we envisioned an equestrian goddess, “Lady Aurora” who transported us into her dreamy world, where days are filled with enchanting horseback rides through idyllic countryside and nights are filled with lavish fiestas on the Caribbean coast.



With visions of elegant flowers on our mind, we drew inspiration from the bountiful assortment of blossoms and blooms found across the tropics for our timeless Jardin print. Working hand-in-hand with Colombian artists, we perfected a print that depicts the paradisiac equestrian garden we’ve always dreamt of.

Birds of Paradise:

Celebrating over 1,900 variations of birds perched in the treetops of the rainforest, Colombia’s bird diversity is the richest in the world. From this incredible beauty, we created a print that blends the vibrant colors of feathers found in the Amazon with iconic and classic equestrian motifs.


We designed this print to represent the energy and elegance that horses bring to our equestrian world. They take us through expansive coffee fields, rolling countryside hills, and lush green jungle; our Brio pattern is an ode to the creatures that allow us to discover and explore the remarkable beauty on this earth.


Rooted in equestrian style, our Mosaico print is based on our iconic snaffle bit that exudes sophistication and uniqueness. Blended with the idea of mosaic tiles found in luxurious plazas and terraces across the globe, the result is a design that is both exotic and refined.

We play with our designs adapting them into quilts, embroideries and appliques which we then apply into our designs.

With each collection we work on mantaining the timeless and classic style of our DNA but offering something new and refreshing in order to make our hores-lover clients happy.


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