Stay at Home Rönner Wardrobe

We have made a selection of perfect pieces to stay at home. Wether you are working from home or going out for small errands and walks, here are our suggestions for transferable pieces for virtual meetings, at-home workouts, uplifting walks or just to feel cheerful and comfortable.

The Aventura Sweater is soft and delicate, on a cotton blend, this sweater is perfect with Jeans or your favorite lounge-wear trousers. It will brighten-up any virtual conversation.

Paloma Peplum Sweater is the perfect blend of comfy and very feminine. With a beautiful floral print this piece will put you in a " Floral State of Mind" and will remind you of simple and beautiful things. We recommend pairing it with white jeans or shorts.

Olivia Sweater is loose and flowy, yet stylish and elegant. The ideal companion for coffee and a good book. This Sweater is an all time favorite, it comes in an array of colors and is the perfect piece to enhance a basic outfit. The flowy fit makes it so comfortable and easy to style.

For easy options to end the day outside, on your terrace, porch or garden.

Workouts from home have become a must and can still be chic! This zip is perfect to jump from calls to a mid-day workout whilst staying dry and fresh. Amadeus Zip.

Also an ideal option for riding and running errands, whilst looking polished and fresh.

Our Fantasia Zip is one of those pieces you will keep and treasure forever. It is so unique and special. It will make any riding outfit look refined yet charming. But it truly is that piece you'll wear with everything, from season to season weekdays to weekends and layer on.




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