Equestrian Style, a timeless trend

The Equestrian Sport is a sport with many wonderful expressions, it involves one of the most beautiful animals on earth: The Horse. It contains a great emotional ingredient, it requires resistance, discipline, strength yet softness, feeling and calmness.

It comprises a lifestyle, one of freedom and elegance. Riding, has become a staple of elegance, style and sophistication. 

The utilitarian but iconic Equestrian clothing is not only an inspiration to many brands and style icons, but the classic equestrian look has become a basic in almost every woman’s wardrobe.

The look of high leather boots over jeans, paired with tailored jackets in classic colors and textures will never go out of style and will always be elegant. This timeless look has been reinvented and reinterpreted by many design houses, each giving it a twist. The Equestrian-look will always remain a staple and trend-setter that goes back many years in history and tradition.

 The combination of traditional heritage, of feminine and masculine, the blend of materials like leather and silk or velvet and wool, soft and shiny against heavy and matt will always make this sport a realm of beautiful motifs, scenes and images.

 From disciplines like dressage and jumping, where rider and horse create a striking portrait to polo plays, where the whole team, horses, players and spectators create a fabulous show, to distinctive horse breeds. Riding and horses throughout human history have played and important roll not only in transportation and work but as a symbol of power and prestige.

 This lifestyle and everything around it is our inspiration. We envision the equestrian style as elegant yet adventurous, classic yet colorful and beyond everything a way to express a passion and a philosophy. The different scenes around horses set the canvas to let our creativity and vision run free. With every Collection, we take the horse as our muse and around this majestic creature we design our prints and silhouettes.

Our idea of Equestrian inspired clothing is a fresh and feminine approach. We believe clothing is a big part of our expression and with Rönner we want our customers to feel identified with a passion and be able to express this in their everyday dressing.

Getting dressed for our daily endeavors should be fun, it should not only make us happy, but it should be a way of communicating who we are.


Whether you are looking for a riding outfit that is special and unique or you want to find pieces that embody your passion for horses and the lifestyle and world around it or you just like the look of colorful yet classic prints and timeless pieces that go from season to season and that you will keep for a long time and treasure like one-off a kind pieces in your wardrobe.

In Rönner we continue to explore new perspectives of the Equestrian world and ways to re-discover it Our aim is to create pieces that epitomize this way of life, this feeling and emotion that comes around horses.

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