The Story Behind our Brand

Thirty years ago, a young passionate girl arrived from Germany, for what was meant to be a short two-week holiday.

Ines Rönner fell in love with the latin way of life and stayed. A keen rider and horse lover, she embraced her love of all-things equestrian opening a tack store in Bogotá, where you could find the best and finest European brands for riding and horse related activities.

A couple of years later both her daughters, Carin and Jessica, who had been inspired by their mother’s love for horses, her determination and her elegance, decided to join the business and give it a twist.

With many summers spent together around the world while they finished their university degrees, they crafted the idea of creating, producing and selling their own label – a brand inspired by the beauty and grace of the equestrian world bringing a fresh and innovative approach to the riding apparel market. With this Ronner was born.

Jessi implemented her finance and business knowledge, and Carin her design and creativity.

Today, many years later Ronner can be found around the world, worn by happy customers who share the love for this lifestyle and equestrian fashion.

Ronner has been a pioneer, introducing colorful and floral prints into everyday riding gear. Making riding outfits more colorful, unique and less boring. Each collection has a vision, which translates to our custom made patterns and prints specially designed by the three Ronner girls.

As every entrepreneurial story, Ronner’s story has been a rollercoaster, with an incredible amount of challenges and anecdotes, ups and downs, moments of doubt and moments of joy and triumph, but “ we have learnt to be resilient, to stay true to ourselfes, do what we love and dream big”.

Jessi and Carin, both have two young girls, making it even more interesting and Ines is as active in the company as she is as a grandmother. The three, juggle life between the company and their private endeavors, but the trio agrees they could not imagine life anyway different.

Ronner continues to grow and improve every day. “Our Challenge is harder every day, with each collection we feel a bigger dare to design unique prints, motifs and silhouettes, that stick to our initial motto: Always classic, equestrian unique”.

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